Friday, 14 March 2014

Chapter One: About me

I'm Brooke Laidler. A 17 year old girl from Sunderland, United Kingdom.

I decided to start a blog because a few of my friends had started one. I don't want to sound like a sheep but I thought it's a good way to occupy time and mingle with others who share the same interests as me.

I am the kind of girl who enjoys to have a nose at what others are doing and I like to share what I'm doing. I will most likely be posting pictures of outfits, new make-up, new clothes, fitness related posts, music related posts and maybe even some personal posts. Hopefully they'll be interesting enough for people!

I will try my best to post on a regular basis too!

I won't blag your head with too much information so I'll just tell you a few things about myself.

- I'm a natural redhead and have never died my hair.
- I have a man's name as my middle name (being named after your Dad isn't cool).
- I'm a year behind at college which upsets me because I'm dying to go to uni.
- I study business and would love to be a retail manager one day.
- I dream of travelling.
- If you were to look in my wardrobe, all you would see if black & white.
- I don't avoid colour purposely, it just happens.
- I call the TV "remote" a clicker and apparently that is not normal.
- I try to be as girly as possible but sometimes it doesn't happen
- I can't go longer than a week without having a jeans and t-shirt kind of day

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